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My experience as a Reslife Assistant

By ResidenceLifeAssistant 15 Mar 2024

Working as a ResLife Assistant at Coventry University's accommodations was not just about taking up a job, it was an 'invitation' to become part of a warm, supportive family.

I started my journey in September 2023, since then this role has been more than just a paycheck, it has been more like a source of strength and personal growth during both good times and tough ones.

From planning events to engaging in heartfelt conversations with students, from going on day trips, hosting baking sessions to organising charity stands, each day is filled with opportunities to make a difference in the lives of our residents. But beyond the checklist of tasks, it is also about the bond shared with my colleagues and the amazing support from our managers that truly sets this experience apart.

As soon as we started working in this role, the strong sense of friendship rather than being just colleagues kicked in. It is not only about being just colleagues but about a tightly-knit group that always stands by each other. Whether it is exchanging ideas for events or providing emotional support in challenging situations, having the assurance that my coworkers have my back has been an incredibly reassuring experience.

Working closely with our managers has been nothing short of a blessing. They aren't just supervisors, they are mentors and friends who go above and beyond to ensure that we have the support we need to thrive in our roles but in our personal life as well. Their guidance and encouragement have been useful in helping me navigate the demands of this role but also with my university experience as well.

But perhaps what makes this job truly special is the sense of fulfilment that comes from supporting students and ensuring they have a positive university experience . Whether it's organising parties or having meaningful discussions during events, being able to contribute to creating an energetic and peaceful community for our residents is incredibly rewarding.

Through our efforts, we strive to foster a sense of belonging and connection among students, especially during times when they may feel overwhelmed or homesick. Our aim is not just to provide accommodation but to create a home away from home where every resident feels seen, heard and valued.

As in this life, nothing comes easy, we faced a lot of challenges, and we also had 'bad days at work', but at the end of the day, it was just ''a few seconds of disaster,'' as one of my colleague once said.

As I reflect on my journey as a Reslife Assistant, I am filled with gratitude for the friendships that I made, the lessons I learned and the memories I made. This role has taught me the importance of compassion, resilience and the power of working within a big community.

And though my time in this position may eventually come to an end, the bonds formed and the experiences gained will forever hold a special place in my heart. 

In the end, being a part of Reslife team is not just about the events we host or the tasks we accomplish, it is about the connections we create and the people we become.

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