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#DontBeDaft: The Drinking Series

By bzdani 09 Feb 2018

It's time to put those books away and enjoy a stress-free night out in Coventry!

It's okay to have a few drinks and enjoy yourself on a night out, but it's important you keep yourself safe while doing it.

Here are our top tips for staying safe when you hit the town:

  1. Pre-book a taxi for your return journey; if you forget to pre-book just make sure the one you get is licensed
  2. Stay in a group if you're travelling at night
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  3. Take turns designating a friend in the group that stays sober to make sure everyone else stays safe
  4. Never leave your drink unattended, if you're a smoker, go for a smoke between rounds 
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  5. Keep your bag zip/clasp facing inwards so you're not an easy target when you're throwing some shapes
  6. Don't accept drinks from strangers or start sipping on a drink you think is yours that's been left for ages - you don't know what could be lurking in there
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  7. Keep the top of your drink covered - you don't want anyone dropping something into your drink
  8. Don't let strangers follow you past your halls gates, wouldn't seem so normal if a randomer walked in when you were back home
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  9. Use cash machines in busy, lit up areas, preferably with a mate next to you if you need to get cash out
  10. Drink water in-between alcohol and be aware of the amount you are drinking, you'll be grateful in the morning
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When you're out having fun you should also beware of drink spiking. Remember to keep in mind:

  • Men are also at risk and should take precautionary measures
  • Some incidents involve no crime other than the spiking of a drink, but others may involve the theft of a mobile phone or even sexual assault
  • It happens even if you aren't drinking alcohol - drugs are mostly colourless, odourless and tasteless so can be put in any drink regardless of alcohol content
  • Putting more or different alcohol into a drink than someone asks you for (whether it's for a laugh because it's your friends birthday or you think they need to enjoy themselves) is considered drink spiking
  • You can minimise your risk by following the tips above

Keep yourself and your friends safe, and don't forget to have some fun too!