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Food shopping on a budget...

By bzbeth 13 Apr 2018

Your latest loan has just dropped and you're rich again!

Before you start celebrating you need to make sure you don't spend it all at once - it has to last you until you go home for summer.

Suddenly it doesn't seem that easy, right?

We've got your back though because a big part of budgeting is food, and getting a good deal on your food shopping is essential! But you don't want to settle for meals that are cheap, boring and bad for you...

  1. Supermarkets often rotate deals and offers between themselves so it's worth shopping around a few and seeing where the best deal is. Believe it or not, Aldi isn't always best!

  2. Have you been to Coventry Market before? It has endless bargains for your fruit, veg, meat, fish and cupboard food. Basically, you can get ALL the ingredients you need for a tasty meal.

  3. Plan your meals before you go shopping instead of buying loads of fresh food you won't get chance to eat before it goes off. Most portion sizes in supermarkets are for 2-3 people so can go to waste when cooking for yourself.

  4. Become a flexitarian! Try switching meat out of your diet a couple of times a week for vegetable-based meals or have fish instead. You'll feel the cost and health benefits in no time and it might convince you to become a permanent vegetarian/vegan. 

  5. If you ever need to run out and get something for tonight's tea, supermarkets reduce items that are about to expire late in the evening. So it's the perfect time to pick up a bargain on your way back from your late lecture.

If you need some inspiration for meals, we have some ideas that are perfect for your hectic lifestyle that is tight on the cash:

  • Stir-fry
  • Jacket potatoes
  • Chili con carne
  • Fajitas
  • Pasta & meatballs
  • Casserole

You can make all of them in big batches and refreeze or take for lunch throughout the week! They are pretty easy and hassle-free so don't worry if you aren't the best cook.

Enjoy your last term at CU and go easy on the spending...