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University Life Hacks

By ResidenceLifeAssistant 09 May 2023

University is definitely a place to learn and grow but some things you only learn through experience.

Here are some student hacks that will be useful if you’re going to university or even if you’re already in it! Surely this will save you some time and make your life easier. 

  • Work smartly hacks:

    You can save time and stop noting every single information in your classes by downloading the studydrive instead. The study drive provides study notes, summaries and other helpful resources. 
    Other resource that might be useful is Studocu , which has endless resources available for every uni and different modules. Resources include lecture notes, essays, tutorials and revision resources. 
    These resources should not be your sole way of studying but they will definitely help you finding important information and are another tool to add to your studies. 

    -Study 20-25 minutes , and take a 5 minutes break. Our brain remembers much better the information in shorter intervals.
     -Go sleep right after studying.
    This will help improve your memory because sleeping right after learning is really beneficial for your memory.
    -One of the easiest ways to hack studying is colour coding your notes and highlighting titles. Colour has a positive impact on your memory ability.
    -Look in book and articles bibliographies to find more sources to use for your assignments.
    -Use instead of for essays or research.
    -Keep a water bottle and a mini chocolate bar with you. In case you feel dehydrated or need to boost the concentration level.

    Don’t forget that social media blocking is a great way to help you focus, specially if you’re constantly scrolling and checking your notifications. Example of an app: Forest. You can use this app on Android and iOS. The idea is simple: you open the app and say you want to plant a tree. If you use your phone during that time, the tree wil die. If you last 25 minute,  your tree will live. Over time, you'll grow an entire forest of trees, a reminder of all your productive time. 

  • Write on sticky notes

    Sticky notes are the student’s best friends and you can pin them on the wall, study table, books or your diary! You can use them to create to-do lists, prioritise tasks and to remember important dates. You can also write motivational quotes to keep you going when you feel lazy or when you're procrastinating. 

  • Waking up on time:

    If you are a person that struggles waking up early and always misses their alarms, here's a great student life hack! Before going to sleep, set the alarm and put your phone in an empty glass or cup. Place the cup in the other corner of the room , this will make your alarm sound louder and the distance will make you get out of bed!
    Always set 2 or 3 alarms with some time distance in case you miss the 1st alarm.
  • Learn how to put a duvet cover on

    Many students haven't changed their beds before going to the university and one of the trickiest things is trying to get your duvet cover on. 
    Here we explain you the best method:
    -Turn the cover inside out, grab the corners of the cover from inside, the duvet corners too, and just shake until all you need to do is button up at the bottom.
    Don't forget to have more than one set of cover and sheets! 

  • Use your money wisely

    There are certain things that it's better to pay more rather than thinking you are saving money and ending up the day with an headache.  For example: strong black bin bags are a worthy investment to avoid messy spillages
    Study at the library. It will not only reduce your house bills but also increase your productivity levels! 

  • When cooking, use spices and herbs

    Using a few spices and good sea salt can take your meals to the next level. Here are some of the spices you should think of adding to your cupboard: 
    -Cumin, ground coriander and turmeric are great for curry lovers.
    -Oregano is one of the best-dried herbs that will give any salad or pasta sauce an instant glow up. You can never use too much! 
    -Smoked paprika gives a quick and easy meal a true Mexican vibe- perfect for fajitas and tacos.
    -Chilli flakes can be used in so many dishes and avoids any eye stinging that cutting fresh chillies can cause.
    -Coconut milk is great for Southeast Asian creamy curries and soups.