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Tips for tackling loneliness

By ResidenceLifeAssistant 21 Apr 2024

Loneliness can be experienced by everyone. That being said, not everyone experiences loneliness in the same way. It is possible for some people to be alone and not feel lonely, and for others to feel lonely while surrounded by people. 

Even though you can feel alone, you're not. Being alone is a common occurrence and a characteristic of being human. Let yourself feel alone; don't criticise yourself. Being alone is not a reason for shame. 

Ideas for students to combat the feeling of being alone: 

  • Make contact and speak with someone: It can be simple to bottle up your loneliness and distance yourself from other people, yet this is one of the worst things you can do. Try reaching out to someone, such as a housemate or a fellow student, and talking to them about your problems. The data indicates that you are not alone in your feelings; it's likely that they have been experiencing the same thing. 

  • If you are a resident at any Futurelets accommodation, you can attend the various ResLife in order to escape from the loneliness. Moreover, Students Union do have several amazing societies where you can find students who have your similar interests or passions in a so that you can have a person to talk or engage in rather than being alone. Also, by joining Coventry University gym or the sport team can keep you pretty occupied. 

  • Set realistic goals: Make it a goal to introduce yourself to a new person at every lecture, schedule a coffee date with a flatmate, and attend a specific amount of social events each week. After that, you can work your way up to more ambitious goals like taking up a new activity or joining a club or group. 

  • Maintain contact with family and friends: Speaking with your friends and family is one of the finest ways to improve your mood, even though it's necessary to interact with your new surroundings and make new acquaintances. This is the reason it's so crucial to maintain communication; pick up the phone and give your parents, siblings, or close friends as many home calls as necessary. 

Moreover, Coventry University do have a Health and Well being team designed to bridge any gaps in support for students. If you feel any of the above mentioned strategies are not working for you feel free to contact either the Coventry University health and well-being team or make yourselves an appointment with the nearest GP.