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My Favourite Hot Drinks Spots

By ResidenceLifeAssistant 30 Apr 2024

While the days are getting warmer, the night breeze still may have you wanting a nice hot brew. Why not head out to some of our favourite Hot drinks spots in Coventry?

  1. Baxter Baristas @ 16 Hales Street. After enjoying a fun-filled day at Coventry's Transport Museum, sit down and enjoy some beautifully brewed cortado or other coffees of your liking. Accompany these hot drinks with your favourite brunch dishes for a whole rounded day out.
  2. Bean & Leaf Coffee House. Want to enjoy a different hot drink, check out bean & leaf's turmeric latte for a drink with many health benefits. 
  3. My Chai. For a south Asian inspired hot drink, head to My Chai for their delicious Pink Chai. Pair that with their delicious savoury snacks for the perfect late night snack. 
  4. Cacao Coffee & Chocolate Co. Go out with your friends and enjoy some delicious hot chocolate at Cacao Coffee. Don't forget to grab a slice of cake to go with it!
  5. The Vault Coffee Lounge. Enjoy Coventry's newest coffee spot with a range of delicious hot drinks to enjoy while chit-chatting with your friends. 
  6. Croffle Bank. For a Korean twist on your hot drinks, head over to Croffle Bank for their delectable selection of hot drinks. 

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