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Outdoor Sports to play with friends

By FLrla 21 Apr 2022

Now that spring weather and warmer temperatures have arrived, it's time to venture outside. And with social-distancing requirements no longer in effect for small outdoor gatherings, you can finally return to parties, barbecues and all the other fun stuff we missed.

So gather up your friends and check out this list of some of the best games you can play outside.  

1. Kubb Viking Clash

Kubb is a lawn game  great for all ages because all you have to do is toss a wood dowel and try to knock over wood blocks. It's a little bit horseshoes, a little bit chess, incredibly fun for two-on-two play (though team sizes can vary if you like). And unlike a lot of the games, this yard game can be played even on super-windy days.

You'll need a reasonably spacious yard in which to play.

2. Bottle Bash

Bottle Bash origin story started with a fence post and a bottle: "Bet you can't throw that Frisbee and knock the bottle off!" This two-on-two game comes with two plastic posts, two plastic bottles that rest atop them and one flying disc.

The goal: knock that bottle off. Meanwhile, the defending team tries to catch the disc -- and the bottle, if you're able to hit it.