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#DontBeDaft: The Money Series

By bzbeth 09 Mar 2018

When you need to quickly run to a cash machine, how often do you cover your pin or think about how much cash you're flashing?

If the answer is 'not very often', listen up! 

It's important that you are careful when withdrawing or handling cash in public otherwise you are making yourself vulnerable to theft.

We're sure you wouldn't do anything daft but make note of our tips just in case:

  • Use ATM's during the day if you know you've got plans later in the day and will most likely need cash. Better so, use the cashback options in supermarkets. If you need to use a cash machine when it's dark, take a friend with you to be safe. Even if you're not so happy with the balance...

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  • Don't get distracted! People might try talking to when you're withdrawing cash to distract you but if anyone does speak to you, concentrate on what you're doing before you end up getting confused. 

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  • Only get as much as you need so that you don't end up with too much cash lying around waiting to be spent. Try not to leave money at home either and if you need to, keep it out of sight and somewhere safe. It's safer in your account because you're not as tempted to splash out!

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Whenever you're using a cash machine, always cover the keypad when entering your pin to prevent anyone behind you being nosy and seeing it.

Only a handful of simple steps but could make a big difference and you get to enjoy all your money to yourself. Now, what you spend it on?