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Stressbuster Foods and How They Can Help!

By ResidenceLifeAssistant 14 Apr 2024

Exam week has started at Coventry University and if you're caught up in revision you may find yourself panicking and stressing over your learning.  During this time, your sleep cycle, health, and nutrition may have been thrown out of the window, but there's plenty of things you can eat and drink to fix these and keep focused on your end goal.  Here are a selection of our top choices for foods with their benefits.

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Healthy and Nutritious Snacking

If you feel like you need to just eat as much as you can, eating different types of nuts such as almonds, pistachios and walnuts can be a healthy way to be able to gain vital vitamins and fibre, and can reduce the risk of gaining health conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

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In 2014, what percentage of adults said they had eaten food as a method of managing stress?
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Foods High in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are used as a way to help your body fight free radicals in your body - the harmful compounds that can cause serious damage.  They can be found in a range of fruits and berries, such as blueberries and strawberries, but can also be found in dark chocolate - this is because dark chocolate has a greater quantity of cocoa in contrast to standard milk chocolate.  This can result in improved blood flow as well as greater brain function, making it a great snack before exams!

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High-Fibre Foods can Reduce Anxiety

If you're often worried about events such as exams coming up, eating more foods that are in fibre are a great way to calm nerves.  In 2021, a survey of 3,300 adults found a correlation between increasing amounts of fibre intake and reduced psychological distress.  Once again, fruits are a great source of fibre, with raspberries containing 6.5g of it per 100g.  You should also have a look at other foods such as oats and popcorn, which are both high in fibre.

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For university students, it's recommended to consume 38g of fibre for males, and 25g for females daily.

Which of these is a benefit of eating a sufficient quantity of oats?
Lower Blood Pressure
Lower Cholesterol Levels
Weight Loss
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During breakfast, which of these foods will add the most fibre to your meal?
Baked Beans
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When you're revising for your exams, remember the following:

  • Always aim to reach the recommended intake of fibre.
  • Fruits such as raspberries and pears have several health benefits.
  • Foods such as nuts are great for excessive snacking!