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Places in Coventry to get you Dancing

By ResidenceLifeAssistant 17 Apr 2024

On April 29th, the world marks International Dance Day and there are plenty of ways for you to join in!  If you're looking to try something new, keep reading to find out different places you can look at in Coventry to get involved.  But if you're not sure about taking part, here are some reasons why you should:

  • People who participate in dance experience a 28% reduction in stress levels.
  • Dancing can let you connect with and meet new people.
  • Through dancing, you are taking part in physical exercise, which is great for your health!
  • You can gain and experience different cultures and experiences through dance.
  • Dancing is fun and can allow yourself to celebrate music and movement!
a group of people playing frisbee on the floor

Where can you dance in Coventry?

There are many places to check out in Coventry to get involved in different types of dancing and workouts - here is a selection of our favourites.

CU Sports Centre

The CU Sports Centre is located a 2-minute walk away from The Hub, and provides members with access to a wide range of gym equipment and fitness sessions.  Members of the Centre are also able to take part in and experience a wide range of virtual and in-person dance classes, such as Bollywood Dancing.

The CU Sports Centre also offers a range of different sports for you to try, such as 5-a-side football and basketball. Sport and Recreation | Coventry University

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Coventry University Societies

Coventry University's Student Union (Your SU) has a wide range of student-led societies for all types of dance.  Whatever your interest in music is, they have something for you!  Here are some different societies you could try:

KPOP Dance Society

The KPOP Dance Society offers a range of different dance classes to take part in: their membership for a full year is £15, however you can purchase one-off event tickets for £3.  The society also performs at national competitions and they welcome participants of all skill levels.

You can find out more about this society by clicking here.

Bollywood Society

The Bollywood Society celebrates the music, dance and films of Bollywood, and also participates in several performances and competitions.

You can find out more about this society by clicking here.

Bhangra Society

The Bhangra Society is a group who welcome everyone to celebrate Asian cultures through music and dance.  You can join for only £2, and take part in dance classes and event socials.

You can find out more about this society by clicking here.

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Coventry Dance Complex

Coventry Dance Complex offers different classes and studios for hire, for you to take part in a wide range of different dance styles including ballet, hip-hop, tap, jazz and many more  Classes are available for adults weekly and you can find more about the location on their website.

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Take a look at our TikTok page to find out even more about these dance venues, along with some extra information!

Good luck and get dancing!