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On the Go Snack Ideas

By ResidenceLifeAssistant 08 Apr 2024

In this blog we will be looking at some of the healthy and budget friendly snack ideas in stores available for you to buy and enjoy. We will also be discussing some recipies for you to make your own healthy snack ideas.

Whilst at university, often it can feel like the amount you spend can add up and often end up being a lot of unhealthy snacks. So in this blog we will give you some ideas of things you can get which are healthy.

The first thing you could buy is belvita biscuits. These can often be bought in multipacks and you can even get a 12 pack for £2.75 at tescos meaning you get 12 packs of 4 biscuits in each pack. They are a good on the go snack you can just pick up on the go.

Another great on the go snacks is rice cakes. These come in different flavours such as chocolate, sour cream & onion, and caramel. These are a great lightweight cheap snack you can get from most shops and supermarkets.

Fruit is a great option to keep your energy up. Fruit can often seem more on the expensive side but if you get a bag of apples  or bananas this costs around £1-£2 for 5 and you can have one as a snack  in between lectures every day.

Another idea is nuts. You can get a bag of nuts for relatively cheap and have this as a snack which is healthy but also as a little nibble, They come in lots of different flavours too. You can also get bags of raisins if you prefer these. 

Some great snacks you can make at home and take out with you are the following:

- Get yourself some granola and Greek yoghurt and you could also add in some fruit if you wanted to. This makes a lovely, filling snack and you could also have this for breakfast.

- Cut yourself up some carrot or celery sticks whatever you prefer and buy some hummus. This can  make a lovely snack and is very easy to do. You could even have a go at making your own hummus if you want to get creative.

- You can have some salsa and tortillas. You can get these from a shop and it can be a real nice snack to have whilst your doing your work as it is quick and easy. 

- You can make hard boiled eggs by adding them to some boiling water and letting them cook for 9-12 minutes and then leaving them to chill in cold water once cooked. These are a great protein filled snack. You could also make dippy eggs and dip your bread into them if you prefer this over hard boiled.

- You could also buy some crumpets with some low fat spread or butter. These are a nice filling snack to have.

- You can also make or buy a smoothie. This is a really nutritious but also nice tasting snack. 

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You could pre-cook some things and then have them as snacks later on. Season some chicken breast and then grill it until cooked all the way through and then have this with some peppers cooked or uncooked it is up to you. This is a snack which could last you a few days if you freeze it or refrigerate it and this can be a really nice snack.

With this chicken you could also switch it up and make some chicken wraps with some salsa or your sauce of choice and add the peppers and chicken.

You could also make a pasta with some fresh tomatoes and tomatoes sauce and put this in the fridge to snack on when you want a snack.

We hope this blog has gave you some more ideas on some healthy and on the go snack ideas to enjoy over exam season.