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Futurelets Residents Accommodation Advice

By ResidenceLifeAssistant 12 Feb 2024

Sometimes living in halls can’t always be smooth sailing. We want you to know who you can contact should there be any kind of issue within your halls whilst at Coventry University. This blog is intended for those living in FutureLets accommodation halls so, Godiva Place, Bishop Gate, The Cycle Works and Parish Rooms. It will let you know who to contact for which specific issues whilst your in your halls of residence. 

- Are you having issues with your finance? Do you want to move out and end your contract early? Are you wanting to see what housing is available for the next academic year? 

For all of these above issues you should contact the FutureLets Office. This can be located in Charles Ward building just opposite from the hub, you can pop in and ask these questions in person. You can also contact them on 024 76 158 158 or by email on

- Are you wanting to move rooms? Are you having issues within your accommodation room? Is your kitchen messy and you don’t know what to do? Do you have any general queries about your accommodation?

For these issues you should contact your halls reception. These are also a great first point of contact for any general queries. You can go down and talk to your reception directly from Monday- Friday until 7pm.  Their email contacts are for Bishop Gate and Parish Rooms, for Godiva Place and for The Cycle Works queries. 

-Are you having a first aid emergency? Is one of your flat mates in trouble? Are you on campus and having an urgent issue? Can you smell smoke? Is it past 7pm and your having issues in your flat? Is it late at night and you can’t sleep because there is so much noise in your flat?

For all of the above you need to contact protection as soon as possible. Protection are available 24/7 all year round. For emergencies they can be called at 02477655555 and for general enquiries and assistance they can be called at 02477657363. You can also download safe zone which allows you to quickly call protection for help should you be in an emergency around campus. 

Are you having issues with booking onto events? Do you have an issue with your kitchen cleanliness? Do you want to know which events are on this week? Are you feeling lonely and looking for some guidance of where to get support?

Our Reslife team are here to help. You can approach one of our Reslife assistance at our events found in the blue hoodies and ask them for any support or guidence. The Reslife co-ordinations also hold drop in desks around the accomodation. Alternatively Reslife can be contacted by email at

Do you have a disability and feel as though you need extra support whilst at university or living in accommodation?

The disability support team can offer advice and support whilst at university. This may be extra time in exams, lift access, note taking, mentoring and lecture support. They can be contacted on where you can enquire and they will let you know how you are able to book an appointment. 

Are you having problems settling in and need someone to talk to? Are you struggling with your mental health?

The university has a welfare team where you can discuss any general issues and they can point you in the direction of where to get help or just offer a friendly face and a chat. The university also has a counselling team for more specific mental health support and if you would like counselling. Welfare can be contacted by email at and the mental health support team can be contacted on

We hope this blog has helped point you in the right direction of where services can be accessed should you need support at university. Please also email the  Reslife team or your reception desk if you need support but don’t know where to go and we can point you in the right direction.

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