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Common student problems and how to overcome them

By ResidenceLifeAssistant 22 Sep 2023

Being a student isn’t easy. There is often stereotypes that come with being a student such as just drinking and partying without a care in the world. However, from one student to another… I can say there is many stresses that come along with being a student. It has its fair share of ups and down and balancing studying with a social life can be hard. 

In this blog we will go over some of the common problems that come along with being a student and how to overcome them so that your student life is as enjoyable as it possibly can be.

Time management-

A huge problem that comes with being a student is how to manage your time. It can often feel like you have a million things to do and no time to do them . How does one person go to uni, have a job and a social life all in one. It can be very overwhelming especially when you’re not used to it.

The first thing to do is relax and remind yourself you cannot do everything and rest is important too. You need to prioritise yourself first and it is important you keep your mental health in check. It is okay to say no to plans sometimes to just chill out and have some you time and it can be very important to do this.

Create a list of everything you have to do. This way you can see everything physically in front of you which  can make everything easy to manage . Then pick the top 3 things you must do that week… for example if you have an assignment due. Then order the list with these things at the top followed by anything else you have to do urgently and then followed by the top things you want to do and anything that can wait can go at the bottom, then work through the list in order.

You can then put the list in a diary. Open up your planner/diary and write in any commitments you have already for example, work or university. Then fill the gaps starting at the top of your priority list working down wards. But remember to schedule in rest to.


Another common problem students face is feeling lonely. It can be really hard moving to a new place not knowing anyone and not knowing the area. It can often feel like you have no one and no one else understands. However, you are surrounded by students in the exact same position even if they dont look it. Loneliness is a really common problem students face but you are not alone. There are many things you can do to try and make friends or reach out.

First of all, come along to one of our Reslife events! We have had so many people come alone and leave with friends. It is a judgement free zone and a safe space where you can also talk to one of our Reslife assistants about feeling this way and reach out to the welfare services at the university if you feel you may need someone to talk to. Our Reslife events are also a way of having fun and relaxing or trying something new.

Also, stepping out of your comfort zone can help to make new friends. Why not sit next to someone new in lectures or ask someone if they want to play pool in your accommodation. Whilst these things seem scary, everyone is still settling in to their new home and wanting to make friends just like you and will likely appreciate you reaching out.

If you are missing home another way to help with loneliness is to reach out to a home friend or family member. Sometimes that home comfort is just the reassurance you need to get you back to feeling yourself and a reminder everything is okay.  

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Another thing that many students struggle with is budgeting their finances. For many this is their first time living alone and managing finances so this can seem very overwhelming and a struggle. Trying to manage your food money, any bills you may have to pay, cleaning supplies and a social life can make it hard to make your money last. But there is ways to help.

The first thing that could help is to get a student budgeting app. Apps like monzo allow you to see what your spending your money on and break it down into categories whilst giving you money saving tips so that can be very helpful. There are also apps such as Wally and Goodbudget which are worth trying out to.

Another way to help budget your money is splitting your student loan into months rather than having it all in your bank. Possibly putting it into a savings account  and transfer it accross month by month. Then you can split it into weeks so you know how much you have. You can then break this down into how much you want to spend on your food shop, any other essentials you need and then seeing what you have left over for social time. This can make the money be in more manageable chunks so you make it last.

Also, have a look on the Coventry university website to see if you are eligible for any bursary’s as this can help with finances. Also if you are struggling with money reach out to  the Talent team or  the Welfare team for help with anything else.

We hope this has helped with some common student struggles and remember to reach out if you need help with anything.