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Artistic Inspiration for students

By ResidenceLifeAssistant 18 Mar 2024

Feeling lost ?

Looking for that inspiration?

Writer's block?

Artist's block?

First, it is critical to recognise that there is no single "right" technique to obtain inspiration. Everyone is unique and will respond to different stimuli. You should experiment until you find what works best for you. There are multiple methods to seek and find inspiration such as :

  •  From your own life. 
  •  Being in nature.
  •  Looking at other art.
  •  Using social media sparingly.
  •  Daily work.
  •  Writing in a journal.
  •  Reading every night.
  •  Movies.

If you are in Coventry, here is a walk-through for you on how to unblock the senses and exercise your brain muscle.

Coventry, a city rich in history and culture, provides a dynamic backdrop for artistic expression. From its illustrious past to its thriving present, Coventry's streets are covered with a rich tapestry of traditional and contemporary art. For students looking for artistic inspiration, Coventry has a plethora of artistic opportunities, from well-known galleries to undiscovered street art jewels waiting to be discovered. Let's explore the artistic influences that Coventry has to offer, with a particular emphasis on the exciting realm of street art.

a stuffed elephant on a street

Before plunging into the world of street art, it's important to recognise Coventry's rich artistic legacy. The city has a plethora of cultural organisations, including the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum and the Coventry Transport Museum, which house a broad collection of artworks spanning centuries.

The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, in particular, is a wealth of inspiration for the students. With an extensive collection that includes fine art, social history, and archaeology, the museum offers a glimpse into Coventry's past while simultaneously highlighting modern artistic endeavours.

The city also offers an amazing history of music by being the foundation of 2 Tone, Ska and punk at the Coventry music museum. The Albany theatre regularly hosts musicals and theatrical performances for the general public. These opportunities for are great for students looking to explore the vibrant culture and get inspired for their own creative pieces.

The city also has multiple libraries along with the university library where those looking for literary exposure can explore. The city also has ample amount of open spaces, parks and cafes where one can sit with a book to read or a sketchbook to observe the world passing by and capture it in the moment.

a person standing in front of a building

In recent years, Coventry has seen a renaissance in street art, with local and international artists working together to enhance the city's surroundings. What was once considered vandalism is now recognised as a legitimate form of artistic expression, enriching the city's cultural fabric.

The In Paint We Trust initiative started in May 2021. The Coventry Business Improvement District (BID) is delivering the City of Culture initiative, which involves the Street Art Strategy (SAS) team, a group of local creatives from the street art and music scenes, aiming to bring local, national, and international artists to the city. These artists were given the freedom to animate paths and walls, allowing audiences to explore their city through various means. Hopefully, you've noticed the numerous artworks appearing in interesting settings across the city centre. 

As a student in the city of Coventry, just going around the city is an inspiration in itself.

Street art in Coventry is more than just an aesthetic statement; it also serves as a tool for community participation and social commentary. Many murals address urgent themes like social justice, environmental conservation, and mental health awareness, igniting debates and instilling a sense of community among locals.

Local programmes such as the "City of Culture Street Art Trail" and the "Coventry Mural Festival" allow artists to promote their work and connect with the community. These events not only highlight Coventry's artistic prowess, but they also encourage inclusivity and cultural interchange.

a graffiti covered building

One of the most noticeable aspects of Coventry's street art scene is the eclectic collection of murals that adorn building facades and alleyways. These large-scale artworks entice visitors with their vibrant colours and thought-provoking imagery.

One prominent mural is "The Lady Godiva" by Morgan Bricca, which honours Coventry's iconic character. The artwork, which towers over the city centre, honours local folklore while also serving as a symbol of female empowerment. 

Whether it is art inspo, music, culture or spiritual, you are bound to feel awakened by the art, history, murals, and ruins around you in this city. 

a statue of a person

For students seeking inspiration in Coventry's artistic offerings, there are several chances for study and discovery. Whether meandering around the city streets or immersing oneself in its cultural institutions, Coventry provides a rich tapestry of artistic experiences waiting to be unearthed.

Engaging with street art can be especially beneficial for students, as it provides a direct interaction with art outside of standard gallery settings. Street art has the capacity to stir thinking and inspire change, whether it's starting talks about social fairness or celebrating cultural variety.

a group of people walking in the rain holding an umbrella

Coventry is a city full with artistic inspirations ready to be discovered by students. From its rich cultural legacy to its vibrant street art scene, Coventry provides a wide range of artistic experiences that can spark creativity and promote personal growth. Whether appreciating centuries-old artworks or seeing the latest mural by a local artist, Coventry students will find inspiration around every curve. So grab a sketchbook, hit the streets, and let Coventry's canvas inspire your next work.