Fun on a Student Budget in Coventry

Posted 2 months ago

Coventry has a rich history and vibrant culture

Being a student typically means navigating life on a tight budget, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun and explore your surroundings. Coventry, with its rich history and vibrant culture, provides numerous possibilities for students to have fun while staying within their means. Whether you're looking for free attractions, low-cost activities, or affordable locations, our list has you covered.

1. Coventry Transport Museum

Visit the Coventry Transport Museum to learn about the history of transport. This museum, which includes bicycles, vehicles, and even a DeLorean, offers a wonderful voyage through time for free.

Cost: Free with a GoCV Card.

2. War memorial Park 

Do you need a break from the rush and bustle of city life? Visit War Memorial Park for some leisure amidst lush greenery. Perfect for picnics, sports, or just relaxing with friends.

There are many parks around the town for public use.

Cost: Free 

3. The Coventry Cathedral

Explore the historic Coventry Cathedral, where the ruins of the old cathedral serve as a reminder of history while the current church boasts exquisite design.

You can also visit the Blitz Museum to explore the history and look at the historic artefacts.

Admission to the ruins is free, and the new cathedral frequently organises low-cost activities and performances.

The Ruins also has Tower Climb for a small fee with student discount.

4. The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum offers opportunities to learn about art, history, and nature. With free access to its permanent collections, you can spend hours browsing the various exhibitions without spending a dollar.

Cost: Free

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5. Odeon 

Odeon Coventry is the ideal location for students seeking a fun and economical movie night in the city. With its central location, extensive film selection, comfy seats, and student discounts, it's the best movie venue in Coventry.

Cost: As a student, you'll be glad to learn that Odeon Coventry has special student discounts, making movie nights even more inexpensive. Simply show your student ID at the box office or book online to take advantage of these discounts.

6. Planet Ice

Planet Ice in Coventry is an excellent choice for students looking for a fun and economical ice skating experience. With its convenient location, student discounts, broad range of activities, and dedication to safety, it's the best spot for icy fun in the city.

Cost: By displaying your student ID when booking or purchasing, you can save money on admission costs, skate rentals, and other benefits.

7. Laser quest

Enter the futuristic arena of Laser Quest, where you'll navigate a maze-like terrain full with obstacles, hiding locations, and strategic vantage points. Armed with your laser tag equipment, you'll go on an adrenaline-fueled journey tagging opponents and avoiding opposing fire.

Cost: Take advantage of the exclusive student discounts given by Laser Quest. Presenting your student ID at the time of booking or purchase allows you to save money on admission costs, group reservations, and other benefits.

8. Boom Battle Bar

Competing against friends or other players in a variety of challenges and games will put your agility, accuracy, and strategy to the test. Whether you're shooting for the bullseye in axe throwing or piling up points in arcade games, you'll feel the rush of competition and the satisfaction of winning. Keep a look out for themed events and specials at Boom Battle Bar all year. From themed gaming evenings to special offers and tournaments, there is always something exciting going on at the bar.

Being a student does not prevent you from participating in all of Coventry's activities. With so many free and low-cost attractions, as well as affordable venues and events, you can experience everything the city has to offer without breaking the bank. So get your buddies together, explore Coventry, and make the most of your undergraduate years without breaking the bank.