Save the Student

Posted 1 month ago

There are numerous ways to stretch your money further

Being a student frequently entails balancing studies, a social life, and living on a limited budget. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to stretch your money further. "Save the Student" is an excellent online tool for finding bargains, discounts, and money-saving ideas. In this article, we'll look at some of the greatest ways for students to save money on travel, dining out, clothing, and outings.

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 Travel enthusiast on a budget?

How to get your travel cost lower!

1. Railcard

A 16-25 Railcard is a great investment for student travel in the UK. This card saves you a third on most rail prices throughout Britain, making it a must-have for anyone who frequently travels by train. It costs roughly £30 per year but usually pays for itself after a few travels.

2. Student Discounts for Public Transport

Many cities provide student discounts for local public transport. For example, London students can take advantage of the 18+ Student Oyster photocard, which offers a 30% discount on travelcards and bus passes.

a close up of a plate of food and a cup of coffee

Not in mood to cook and tight on budget to eat out?

Here are some tips for eating out while on a tight budget :

1. Student Discount Cards

The NUS Totum Card and UNiDAYS are vital for students who want to save money when eating out. These cards provide savings at a variety of popular restaurants and fast food franchises.

2. Meal deals

Meal bargains are frequently available at supermarkets and convenience stores, making them significantly less expensive than eating out. For example, Tesco's £3.50 meal package includes a main, a snack, and a drink.

3. Happy Hours and Special Deals

Many restaurants and pubs offer happy hours or special student evenings at big savings. Apps like "Too Good To Go" can also help you save money on meals by acquiring surplus food and groceries at a lower price.

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Dress to impress without breaking your bank !

1. Thrift and Vintage Shops

Thrift stores, charity shops, and vintage stores are excellent sources for low-cost attire. Unique items can be found for a fraction of the cost of new things.

2. Online marketplaces

You may purchase and sell second-hand garments on websites such as Depop, Vinted, and eBay. This is a terrific method to update your wardrobe without breaking the budget.

3. Student discounts

Many high-street and online retailers provide student discounts. Always check sites like Student Beans and UNiDAYS for the most recent deals before making a purchase.

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A day or night out with friends exploring the free entertainment your city has to offer

1. Free attractions.

Many cities offer free museums, galleries, and parks. In London, the British Museum, Tate Modern, and National Gallery are all free to visit. In Coventry, try the Herbert art gallery, the transport museum (only discounted with the GoCV Card), the Coventry music museum and more.

2. Group discounts

If you're planning a day out with your friends, look into group discounts. Many sites, tours, and activities offer discounts for groups.

3. Student Nights

Many entertainment establishments, including cinemas, bowling alleys, and theatres, provide special student evenings where tickets are sold at a discount. Keep an eye out for these deals to save money on a night out.

Looking to make some extra cash and experience for your career ?

While saving money is important, earning extra cash can also make a big difference. Look for part-time jobs or internships that fit around your study schedule. Not only will you earn money, but you’ll also gain valuable work experience.

By taking advantage of these schemes and tips, students can significantly reduce their expenses and make the most out of their budgets. "Save the Student" is a fantastic starting point for discovering even more ways to save. Remember, every little saving helps, helping you make your student years more enjoyable and less stressful financially.