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Tips for Exam Prep

By FLrla 04 Apr 2022


Exam Season is upon us, some people thoroughly enjoy exams and others absolutely dread them, but that's based on personal preference.

Let's go through the best ways you can prep yourself during the exam period.

Organise yourself 

  • Revision is one of those things that is individual to everyone, you know yourself best but there 's a lot of videos on YouTube you can check out that will help guide your revision and help you organise yourself.
  • Use calendar apps to organise your study timetable 

Plan your route 

  • This can apply to exams being online or in person
  • If your exam is in person, plan your route to the room/hall/building where the exam will take place. 
  • If you've never been there before go check it out to familiarise yourself with the area.
  • Literally, plan your route from there to figure out the fastest most convenient way to get there so you're able to get there on time and not stress out.
  • If your exam is online, there should be a page on Aula with all the details of what your online exam will entail, what platform it should be done on, where to submit etc. 
  • Familiarise yourself with that, if that isn’t available ask a coursemate or module leader for the details to make sure you know exactly what you’re doing on exam day


I know this sounds a bit random but taking deep breaths to calm your nerves before your exam will help slow your heart rate and help you concentrate better when you start your exam

Anyone doing exams during this time, we wish you the best of luck! YOU GOT THIS!

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