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National Pizza Day

By ResidenceLifeAssistant 06 Feb 2024

Were you aware that National Pizza Day 2024 is approaching quickly? You have the opportunity to partake in the cheesy, crunchy, scrumptious, and oozy enjoyment of eating everything pizza on Thursday, February 9. 

Most of us can agree that pizza is one of our favourite foods. Moreover, it is the ideal moment to start eating pizza in celebration of National Pizza Day! Yes, that is absolutely correct! A entire day, 24 joyous and delectable hours, dedicated specifically to commemorating that delightful carb that nearly everyone cannot live without. People all across the world have fallen in love with pizza, from its basic origins as sauce over flatbread to its upscale options today.  

History of National Pizza Day: 

The origins of National Pizza Day may have occurred in Naples, Italy in the tenth century, though this is impossible to confirm. Records initially document the existence of what is today known as pizza. It began as a straightforward flatbread that was topped with cheese and sauce. It's possible that the initial makers of this were unaware of the sensation they were creating and what it would grow into when they created it as a fun snack for their families. 

In 1905, pizza finally became popular in America. A pizzeria named Lombardi's in New York City ignited the flame that has been lighting hearts across the nation ever since, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Additionally, Lombardi's received the first-ever American mercantile licence to manufacture pizza in 1905. It's astounding that Lombardi's is still operating! If you're looking for the first authentic pizza to arrive in America, check them out at Manhattan's Little Italy. 

Though its origins are unknown, National Pizza Day was most likely first observed in the early 2000s. Regardless of when it was originally observed, it now merits annual celebration! 

How to celebrate National Pizza Day: 

On this special mostly people prefer to do the following: 

  • Join in on Pizza Day Celebration: 

In observance of National Pizza Day, pizza restaurants will hold a variety of events and activities across the United States and other countries. See what's going on at the neighbourhood pizzeria, or plan a day (or weekend!) excursion to a different city. 

Pizza shops may host activities in honour of National Pizza Day, such as launching limited-edition gourmet pizzas or toppings options. I would suggest to search for restaurants that have sales, discounts, meal bundles, BOGOs (buy one get one), and promo codes and don't forget to apply for student discount by showing your Student ID. 

  • Host a Pizza Party: 

To further celebrate National Pizza Day, throw a pizza party for your friends and flatmates. Alternatively, order pizza to be delivered to one of your favourite spots in the university and share a couple pies with friends and classmates on pizza day, if it falls on a workday or if you have a lecture. 

  • Join the Pizza making event with the Reslife: 

If you are free on 9th February after 6pm please feel free to join the Reslife event which is regarding the Pizza making. As this is one of our cooking events, please do send us an email so that we can ensure we provide sufficient materials for the event.