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My ResLife Assistant Experience - Rachel's story

By FLrla 16 May 2022

Res life. Good vibes. Memories. Comfort zone. Confidence

If someone asked me to describe my experience as a res life assistant in a few words, those would be my choice of words and that is not even scraping the surface of the entirety of the experience so far. 


My time as a res life assistant has defo been interesting, every job has its up and downs. One thing I can say is I’ve learnt a lot from this role. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and discuss the highlights and lessons learnt. 

1. Stepping out your comfort zone will take you far 

  • Naturally I’m like a super to myself, in my little bubble type person. I’m also quite shy right, ok cool.
  • With this job I really had to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable and stepping out of that comfort zone and when I did that I really starting coming into my own with this role. 

2. Being a res life assistant can be fun and sometimes not so fun, its all about balance 

3. You may be able to discover a hidden passion

  • So with me, this role helped me unlock my passion for content creation and editing videos.
  • Nowadays I could sit down for 6 hours editing a video and genuinely not get bored but if my team didn’t push me to get creative with content for our social media platforms I wouldn’t have discovered I really enjoy that.
  • Added bonus that’s a transferable skill I can take to future jobs and and my future career. So yeah dependent on your interests you may find something within the role you super enjoy

I think the biggest gem I will drop today is stepping out of your comfort zone and being open to new experiences will give you the best experience and have you leaving the most positive impact with this role for sure. 

** Also the team rock and are super supportive, so that's a mega added bonus. SOO the res life team: whoop whoop. 

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