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My ResLife Assistant Experience - Pedro's story

By FLrla 17 May 2022

A rollercoaster of learning and development

Through my time at reslife I've learnt a lot and worked on both my strengths and my weaknesses. In a few words, being a reslife assistant has definitely expanded my horizons while at University. I was able to meet new people, experience new things and organise a variety of events.

It has been an interesting time, and as I look back I see a lot of moments of ups and downs where I can take a lesson from each. 

1. Say 'Yes' to new opportunities 

In this job, I've learnt that saying Yes can take you on new adventures. The availability and ability to not refuse things was an approach I decided to take to further expand my life experiences while at ResLife.

  • Discovered new opportunities
  • Met people from all around the world and travelled around the UK
  • Strengthen my work ethics and developed my capabilities

2. Taking the most out of the job

Trips around the UK for free? Sign me up!!!

Ice Skating? OF COURSE!

While at ResLife I felt like my time at University started counting more as I was able to explore and do more activities than in previous years. Now looking back at it I can say I've explored and done things I wouldn't have if it wasn't for this job. 

3. Meet like minded people while hosting fun events

While some events might not be your thing, you can always suggest new and fun activities to provide events for the students at the accommodations.

  • For example, for me I was able to connect with other Formula 1 fans, while watching it during work hours, which was a huge perk of the job
  • I always felt good doing work on something I enjoyed that way it felt more like a hobby rather than a chore
  • Suggest events that you know are good and can be done easily so you can meet new friends and also enjoy what you do. 

And finally..

In this team, everyone's fun, you'll get to expand your circle of friends, experience new activities, get a good experience while at University and it makes it more enjoyable to say you've done X, Y and Z whilst studying.

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