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Hobbies that will keep you sane as a student

By ResidenceLifeAssistant 22 Mar 2024

  • Learning a new language:  

Engaging up the hobby of learning a new language is fantastic since it broadens your horizons and fosters cultural exchange. This is now simpler and more fun thanks to apps like Duolingo. When utilising apps, begin with simple words and work your way up to longer, more intricate sentences. Over time, consistent practice even brief sessions can greatly enhance your language abilities. 

  • Running: 

Running is an excellent mental and physical health practice. All you need to start is a decent pair of running shoes, making it an inexpensive hobby. From the treadmill in your fitness centre to the paths in your neighbourhood park such as near canal basin or the Gosford park, you can run anywhere. Moreover, opting to run outside can result in cost savings associated with joining a gym. As a result of its adaptability, running is a great hobby for your budget and your health. 

  • Reading: 

According to studies, reading for just six minutes can reduce stress by 60%. It's a relaxing activity that effectively reduces stress and exhaustion. Choose a book that piques your attention to begin with, whether it be a historical fiction, crime, murder, mystery, or romance. The Coventry University library does have a good collection of all the books. I recently started reading some crime thriller stories from the Coventry University library and i do feel occupied while reading those and also it increases my vocabulary. Just a few minutes and a comfortable location will serve for this activity; neither a lot of time nor specific equipment are required. You can read for pleasure as a student as a means of decompressing and winding down from your typical study schedule. 

On the other hand, reading can help reduce stress and tension in addition to stimulating your brain and assisting with learning. If you enjoy reading but are having trouble finding things to read, check out what other students are reading. There are plenty of students that enjoy reading, which means you're guaranteed to discover someone who can suggest something worthwhile. 

  • Drawing: 

What about making art? It might be as easy as sketching or painting various objects. It is not only a worthwhile use of your time, but it can also aid you in the long run by enhancing your skills. Maybe you could try making something more artistic out of the materials you already have at home, as that is how I like to use them.  

I have attached few images that I have drawn and I learnt this from YouTube, and its called Zentangle pattern or the doodle arts. 

Zentangle pattern
a close up of an umbrella


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