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#Dontbedaft: The Night Out Series

By bzdani 09 Feb 2018

Heading out tonight?

It's good to let your hair down and relax with a few drinks, but sadly sometimes it isn't without its risks. 

Staying safe when you're out and about on a night, especially in a new city, is something that's worth thinking about. Here are just a few things you should be aware of:

  1. Drink sensibly
    It's always said but it really is so easy to get caught up in drinking too much. Try to keep track of how much you've had, know your limits and know when to stop.
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  2. Keep an eye on your drinks
    It's a no-brainer not to leave your drinks unattended and never accept drinks from strangers, with drink spiking as rife as ever, you can't be too careful!
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  3. Look after your belongings
    Don't leave your items unattended or have them on show, you just never know who's around you! This includes having your phone or money in your back pocket!
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  4. Stick together
    If you go out as a group, stay as a group. Don't go off by yourself or with someone you don't know and try to keep track of your friends. 
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  5. Take a taxi home
    Even if you live close to the venue, never walk home alone. Try to keep some taxi money aside and if you have to walk home, make sure it's with someone and stick to well-lit areas. 
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  6. Think about your surroundings
    Avoid the canal and River Sherbourne on your way home as alcohol lowers inhibitions and impairs judgement. Whether you enter the water by accident or on purpose, it can only take a split second to get yourself in trouble. 
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Have fun, but remember to be safe!

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